Wearable Art Awards 2016 – Alice Springs
Categories and Prizes


The Alice Springs Wearable Art Awards are structured within two award areas.

These are firstly Category Awards and secondly Special Prize Awards.

All entrants are eligible to win multiple awards in the areas of your choice.

As an example – you may decide to nominate Nature’s Bounty as your Category and create your outfit using recycled materials. As a result you would be eligible to win the Nature’s Bounty Category Award and the Best Use of Recycled Materials Special Prize Award.


Category Awards

Entries are invited from individuals or community, work, family or friendship groups in the following categories. Multiple entries are acceptable – however only one entry per category per entrant.



Create an innovative wearable work of art which pushes the boundaries of creativity. There is complete freedom with materials and construction.

Winner receives $1,000.


Over the Top

This section is an invitation to be playful, quirky, in your face and yes, over the top! Create a wearable work of art which adorns the body from the waist up.

 A bold bodice? Extravagant accessories? Theatrical headpiece? Jewels galore? There are no limitations on theme or materials.

Winner receives $1,000.


Nature’s Bounty

Venture into our Earth’s bountiful world of organic riches to create an inventive, contemporary work of wearable art.

Think cotton, linen, jute, wool, mohair, silk, alpaca, camel hair, hemp, sisal, nuts, bark, bones and twigs.

Entry to be created from a minimum of 80% natural materials.

Winner receives $1,000.


Youth award

This category is open to students 18 years and under.

No thematic boundaries – anything’s possible! Your work of wearable art can be assembled, glued, sewn, painted, collaged, knitted, riveted or constructed in a variety of ways.

Winner receives $500.


Special Prize Awards

The Best Use of Recycled Materials Award

Entry to be created from a minimum of 80% recycled materials. Winner receives $1,000.


The Acquisition Award

Entry acquired by Central Craft for permanent inclusion in The Brian Tucker Gallery Collection. Winner receives $1,000.


The People’s Choice Award

This is judged by the audience on the night. Winner receives $1,000.


The Most Outstanding Performance Award

Judged on the integration of music and choreography, the execution of the design concept and the overall interpretation of these elements on the stage. Winner receives $1,000.


The Most Outstanding First Time Entrant Award

Awarded to a first time entrant in any Category. Winner receives $500.


The Encouragement Award

Awarded to a designer who has repurposed or recycled materials that are wearable and shows potential in Wearable Art. Winner receives $250.