Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make entering and being part of WAA 2016 as easy as possible. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact our Events Coordinator, Glen Woodward - email

Q: What is the closing date for entries?
A: Monday 3 October 2016.

Q: What is the deadline for delivering my entries to Central Craft?
A: Please deliver your entries by Monday 31 October 2016 to:
Wearable Art Awards:
Central Craft.
Araluen Cultural Precinct
61 Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs, NT 0870
ATTN: Glen Woodward

Q: Do I need to provide photographs of my entry/entries?
A: No.

Q: Do I need to provide my own music?
A: Yes. Please provide your music by email audio file and/or USB stick or CD, and include a label with your name and phone contact number. Deadline is Monday 3rd October – the same date as the Entries Closing date above.
The music needs to be a minimum of 60 seconds but no longer than 90 seconds.

Q: Do I need to provide a description of my entry?
A: Yes. Please provide a description of your entry which will be used for inclusion in the program and by the MC introducing your entry. Your entry title, description, music and presentation concept must be decided and confirmed with the Coordinator by Monday 3rd October 2016.

Q Are interstate/overseas entries welcome?
A: Yes! You may post your entry/entries to arrive at the Araluen Theatre by Monday 31 October 2016.
The entries will then be photographed and the images will be used for the visual collage which accompanies each design/performance. This collage will be shown on the big screen at the back of the stage during the Awards show so that the audience can see close-ups of your design features during the performance. This collage will run for the performance time allocated to each entry.

Q As an interstate/overseas entrant, how do I get my entry back after the Awards Show?
A: If you wish to have your outfit returned you’ll need to arrange for mode and payment with Central Craft after the event, or include a suitable pre-paid self- addressed bag with your entry.

Q As an interstate/overseas entrant, is there accommodation near the venue, should I wish to come to Alice Springs for the show?
A: Araluen theatre is just 5 minutes by car from the centre of town and lots of accommodation including a caravan park across the road.

Q: As an interstate/overseas entrant, is there assistance available for me in finding a model?
A: Yes we can assist you in finding a model.
We suggest your outfit be made to fit a model between size 8 and 10/12.

Q: When will the entries be judged?
A: The entries will be judged in the week beginning Monday 31 October 2016 and during the Matinee Show 2pm Saturday 5th November.

Q: What do the judges look for?
A: The judges will look at the originality of the idea, innovative use of materials, technical skills used in the construction of the design, as well as the overall design, style and execution of the concept during the Awards show. The Performance Award is judged on the integration of music and choreography, the execution of the design concept and the overall interpretation of these elements on the stage.

Q: Is there a technical rehearsal?
A: The technical rehearsal is on the evening of Thursday 3 November 2016 at Araluen Theatre and a full dress Rehearsal Friday 4th November.

Q: Is there anything that is not allowed on stage at the Araluen theatre?
A: No scenery, no water or liquids, no glitter, no glass, no naked flames. You can carry on props and are responsible for getting props on and off the stage.

Q: Are there any limitations on what materials I can use for my entry?
A: This will depend on what category you are entering. For full details for each category, please refer to the website. Please also refer to the question “Is there anything that is not allowed on stage?” above.

Q: Who do I let know if I have any specific lighting or other technical requirements?
A: Please contact Glen Woodward, the WAA coordinator to discuss this