If you are new to the world of Wearable Art Design you are about to enter an artistic space that will bring you many years of enjoyment and fun as you share your creativity with a likeminded community of artistic souls.


Do not be worried if you do not have dressmaking, pattern making or sewing machine skills. Although these skills may be helpful YOU do not need them to create your piece of Wearable Art.


You do not have to sew a garment. Head off to your local Op Shop or raid your cupboard for an old dress, coat, pair of trousers – wallah!! Now you are ready to go and your recycled garment is now your canvas.


Materials can be glued, stapled, wired, drilled, stitched, punched, wrapped, and plaited.

Have a go, join in the fun and be part of this fabulous event – either on your own or with some friends!


Just about anything goes in making wearable art – plastics, wood, rusted metal, paper, lawn sale finds, salvaged stuff, treasures from the cupboard and cast off clothes.


So visit, explore and enjoy our Inspiration Centre where you can find lots of great Videos from previous Wearable Art Awards shows here in Alice Springs.


Inspiration Centre